The research, writing, editing, and reviewing of this book was done entirely pro bono. Pro bono services are provided by professionals voluntarily and without payment. The official phrase—Pro bono publico is derived from the Latin meaning “for the public good.” This book was most certainly created for the good of the public. However the extensive production required to ready the book for print, the printing, the production of CDs, and the development of the website were done for fees. The project would not have come to fruition without the generous support of people who believed in the importance of the project and in watershed resource education. We gratefully acknowledge the following organizations for contributing to the funding of the Flathead Watershed Sourcebook: A Guide to an Extraordinary Place:

Additionally, we thank our fiscal sponsor, Northwest Regional Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) for professionally handling our monies and for their support and encouragement throughout the project.

For more information, send email to info@flatheadwatershed.org or info@flatheadcore.org.
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