The forest sleeps and dreams;
the river does not sleep, it sings.
In between the green shadows
the rapid water flows,
leaving on the dark edges
bundles of white foam.
With eyes filled with stars,
in the bottom of the boat
I go with great emotion
by the music of the water.
And I take the river in my lips.
And I take the forest in my soul.

Conrado Nale` Roxlo (1898 - 1971),
writer, journalist, and humorist
(Submitted by Jim Vashro)

The Flathead Watershed is the ultimate playground for people who enjoy the outdoors. From quiet hikes in the forest to fly-fishing the pristine waterways, the watershed provides a picturesque and inviting environment for residents and visitors. The Flathead Watershed offers fresh air, sparkling water, open space, and abundant wildlife. Responsible recreation will help maintain the health of these areas and preserve opportunities for future recreation. Leave-No-Trace hiking, camping, and fishing, and packing horses with certified weed-free hay are critical for maintaining the resources of the watershed for future generations to enjoy. Included here is a sampling of the outdoor recreation available year-round in the Flathead Watershed.

Figure 4.13: Over the river. Source: Lori Curtis


For more information, send email to info@flatheadwatershed.org or info@flatheadcore.org.
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