Many people contributed time, material, and money to the Flathead Watershed Sourcebook: A Guide to an Extraordinary Place. They are thinkers, doers, reviewers, educators, writers, photographers, and illustrators. You will see their names listed in Content Contributors, Reviewers, Watershed Perspectives, and Sponsors. I extend gratitude to every person for their efforts and credit each of them with making this Flathead Watershed community project a success.

Thanks to the Flathead CORE Watershed Education Steering Committee for their individual and collective trust in me, their friendship, and their leadership in the community. I extend great appreciation to Lex Blood for believing in me and for his infinite encouragement.

From Green Mountain College, I extend thanks and appreciation to Provost William Throop, President Paul Fonteyn, and to Professors/instructors Meriel Brooks, Gregory Brown, Laird Christensen, David Gilcrest, Jim Harding, Laurie Henneman, Mark Jordan, Kirk Kardashian, Christopher Preston, and Ron Steffens, all who far exceeded my expectations and who never stopped raising the bar.  Special thanks to Dr. Jordan for helping me shape my thesis project and Ron Steffens for guiding me through its completion. Thanks to Dr. H. Maurice Valett of the Flathead Lake Biological Station, University of Montana for his patience and unique encouragement. My heartfelt gratitude to Dr. James L. Campbell for fanning the flame of my love for science in the mid-1970s.

I thank colleagues, friends, and family members for their various forms of support, encouragement, patience, and ideas throughout my studies and this project, including: Cheryl and Bill Collins, Debra and Michael Dobersen, Les Evarts, Fred & Diana Gillaspy, Ellie Hoffman, Kathy McHale, Erica Myers-Russo, Clint Muhlfeld, Judith Pressmar, Barb Raboy, Veronica Robbins, Bonnie Rozean, Harley Savate, Lloyd & Debra Savate, Stan Schotz, Ron Sinton, Wilbur & Anna Sinton, Sue Sutherland, Honor Ulveling, Denyce Waller-Mortel, Anne Warren, Jennifer Weiss, Germaine White, and Marilyn Wood.

My wholehearted thanks to my partner in life and in this book, Walt Curtis, for the plethora of things he did or endured because he believed in me and the project. I am forever grateful to my parents Eleanor Savate (1926 -1972) and Sid Savate (1924 - 1976) who throughout their short lives shared the mountains they loved with my brothers and me.

I dedicated the first edition of this book to the memory of my uncle Larry Warren (1932 - 2009), a dance biographer, choreographer, and dance professor who taught me to appreciate culturally diverse artistic and culinary wonders. I dedicate this second edition to Wilbur Sinton (1927 - 2016) who cared deeply about the earth and who lived lightly upon it.

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