Our Positive Influence

“Conservation is ethically sound.  It is rooted in our love of the land, our respect for the rights of others, our devotion to the rule of law.”
- Lyndon Baines Johnson, 1908 –1973, 36th U.S. President.

The Flathead Watershed is a scenic place that offers a wide range of lifestyle and recreational opportunities. From the native peoples and early settlers to our current technologically modern communities, we have relied on abundant natural resources to sustain our lives and build our economies. Farming, ranching, forestry, milling, mining, manufacturing, commerce, tourism, recreation, and real estate development all contribute positively to our economic vitality.  The importance of our resource industries must continuously be balanced with the protection of those natural resources for the future. Our goals and policies must continue to reflect our appreciation for this essential balance. Effective education and information are essential for growing a citizenry that understands, appreciates, and works tirelessly at maintaining this resource stability.

As citizens of the Flathead Watershed, we are all responsible for understanding how our activities influence the land and water we share. Through communication, cooperation, and commitment, we can continue to work together to conserve—and where necessary restore—the health of the watershed.

See Partners in Place to learn more about the agencies, organizations, and individuals who work hard to keep the Flathead Watershed productive, healthy, and beautiful.

Figure 5.17: The beautiful Flathead Watershed. Source: Lori Curtis

For more information, send email to info@flatheadwatershed.org or info@flatheadcore.org.
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